Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is the point of temporary email?

You may use temporary inboxes to activate accounts when registering for other websites. Many websites require action through a confirmation email, such as clicking a link.

However, you can't always be certain that any particular website will respect the privacy of your permanent email address. That is where this service comes into play. Our servers automatically delete expired emails after a certain amount of time has passed. You do not have to worry about your real email address being filled with spam.

How do I create an inbox?

You do not need to register for an account to gain access to an inbox. Simply make up any address you like (it must still be a valid email address) and use that to register for other websites or to give out to contacts you do not trust with your real email address. The emails sent to that address will automatically appear in that inbox. Simply use the form on the main page to check your inbox.

How do I access an inbox?

To access the contents of an inbox, enter the name of the mailbox you wish to access, without the domain part, into the mailbox form on the side of the page. For example, to access the email for, enter just "fred" into the form and click the Go button. This will bring you to the mailbox for that address. There is no login or password required to read the emails for any email address on this service.

If anyone can read any inbox, how can I be sure that my incoming emails are private?

Privacy of email contents sent to our servers is not guaranteed. To increase the amount of privacy, be sure to pick an obscure or hard to guess address before using our service. You may also delete any emails immediately after reading them, to insure nobody may access them. This is not a service that can promise 100% privacy of incoming emails. If you absolutely need that level of privacy, this is not the service for that.

Can I use this service to send emails?

We do not allow emails to be sent through our service. An annonymous method of sending email would quickly become heavily abused for sending spam and other forms of email abuse. Our goal is to help cut down on the amount of spam on the internet, not contribute to it.

Can I forward or reply to emails through this service?

You cannot forward or reply to emails using this service. While this might be a nice feature to have, it would be incredibly easy to abuse. As the entire point of our Service is to reduce the effects of spam, creating a gateway for spam to be relayed all over the internet would very much defeat that purpose.

If you wish to save an email for later viewing or to read in your own desktop email client, you may download the entire email message, including all attachments, in EML format. Please note that emails downloaded in this manner are not filtered in any way against exploits, malware attachments, or behavior tracking, so please use your best judgement when using other clients to view these emails.


All email messages sent to this service are publicly viewable and/or may be deleted by anyone and everyone. All mailboxes are public and should not be considered private. You do not own or have exclusive rights or privileges to any mailbox operated by this service. Email messages are deleted automatically after 24 hours.