About Tempmail.us

In today's world, email spam is rampant. While there are many solutions available to combat this problem, sometimes the best solution is to simply not give your private email address out in the first place. But sometimes you must supply an email address. Perhaps you wish to register for a website or service which requires a confirmation action via a valid email address. What then?

That is where Tempmail.us comes in. You can create any arbitrary email address @tempmail.us and use it as a temporary inbox for receiving email. You don't have to register any account with our website. There is no need for a password or login to view your inbox. Receiving and viewing email is quick and painless, as any good spam solution should be.

There are many such solutions available on the web. Tempmail.us is not the first temporary email service out there. However, it aims to rise a step above the rest by providing the most painless and complete inbox experience available. While many temporary email services offer a barebones solution with images and attachments stripped from all incoming email, Tempmail.us gives you the full email experience, attachments and all.

Tempmail.us offers a secure method of viewing emails with images and formatting preserved. Our whitelist HTML filter ensures that all methods of tracking you as an individual are thrawted while viewing emails on our website. Your personal data such as your IP address and browser details are never exposed when reading emails. Ordinarily loading images in a web browser will expose your IP address and some information about your web browser and operating system to the web server that is hosting those images. However, Tempmail.us uses a passthrough proxy to serve those images to you directly from our own server, protecting your personally identifiable information from the prying eyes of spammers and marketers.

This whitelist filtering also protects you from malicious browser exploits by tearing apart emails and reconstructing them as valid HTML markup. Only safe HTML tags are reconstructed in this process, so any harmful avenues of attack against your web browser are removed before being accessed by you. Of course, any attachments should be downloaded and opened with caution and care. Please scan all attachments before opening. While our service can guarantee the security of text and HTML within the email bodies themselves, any files you choose to download and open on your own operating system are beyond the scope of this protection. No security solution can take the place of good judgement, so please exercise yours.

Overall, Tempmail.us aims to be the most complete and secure temporary email solution available on the internet. We hope you enjoy using our service and recommend us to your friends.


All email messages sent to this service are publicly viewable and/or may be deleted by anyone and everyone. All mailboxes are public and should not be considered private. You do not own or have exclusive rights or privileges to any mailbox operated by this service. Email messages are deleted automatically after 24 hours.