Free Temporary Email Address

Create a temporary email address on the fly when registering for accounts on websites, forums, games, and social networks.

Protect Yourself from Spam

Hide your real email address by giving a temporary address to websites and contacts you do not trust. This protects your real email address from being bombarded with spam or harassment.

No Registration

Mailboxes are created automatically when an email for them is recieved. There is no need to register any account or email address first. You do not need to login to view your mailbox.

Secure and Private

All emails are passed through an advanced whitelisting filter when viewed through this service. This filter stops browser exploits and methods of tracking your identity. All images are passed through our exclusive proxy server to further protect your privacy.

Full Email with Images and Attachments

View the full email with images and attachments intact. View and download attachments. You can even download the entire email to save for later or view in your own desktop client.


  • No accounts to manage, no passwords to remember.
  • Emails are held for 24 hours unless you delete them after reading.
  • View full emails with all formatting, images, and attachments included.
  • View and download attachments.
  • Sophisticated filtering prevents exploits and identity tracking while viewing emails.
  • RSS and Atom feeds for every mailbox.
  • Create unlimited random email address with a single click.


All email messages sent to this service are publicly viewable and/or may be deleted by anyone and everyone. All mailboxes are public and should not be considered private. You do not own or have exclusive rights or privileges to any mailbox operated by this service. Email messages are deleted automatically after 24 hours.